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Creating a Quality Classified Ad

For people who are looking to sell furniture, advertise a business, looking for a roommate, post a job offer, or post any other promotion, Free Advertising Exchange is a great place to acquire free traffic. With thousands of daily visitors, Free Advertising Exchange allows your ad to get noticed. However, by following a few posting tips, you can get the most out of your ad and get a surge of hungry buyers.

The More Information the Better

Specific information matters when it comes to classified advertising. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting something for sale, room for rent, or any other type of post. The more details, the better! This includes information about your product, or possible date, time, and location of your event.
Not only will these details make it easier for your buyer to decide on your offer, but it will also reduce the number of emails the seller gets asking for additional information. Make it easy for your customers and reduce the amount of responses later by providing all the information at a time.

Post Ads with Good Quality Photos

Not only do photos attract the eyes, but it’s also challenging to get an exact feel of the product or promotion without seeing a picture. But not just any photo, it’s key to make sure that the photo is clear, focused, and depicts the item accurately.

Having multiple photos with different angles is also a huge advantage for most products. For example, if you’re selling a trunk, be sure to include all the angles and close-ups of any defects or essential aspects. Buyers will appreciate your attention to detail!

Easy to Understand Headlines

The headline is often the first thing the customer sees about your offering. It’s best if it is straightforward and easy to understand, will be more targeted to your buyer and get more clicks. Brand names, benefits, sizes, and other specific elements are good places to start.


It’s always important to make sure your pricing is in line with the market. If you price your product is too cheap, not only will you not be compensated fairly, but you’ll get bombarded with a mass amount of emails. Price your product too expensive, and your ad will likely draw crickets.

It’s a good idea to check the marketplace to see what other people are selling a similar product for. Depending on what you’re selling, you also have to consider the people will likely be bargaining with you, to know the minimum you to except for the product and raise it up about 20%, this way the the buyer will feel like they got a good deal, and you will get a price that you’re comfortable with.

Multiple Ads

No classified site, including Free Advertising Exchange, allows members to spam ads cross-platform. However, as your ad ages, it moves further down the list, causing it to drop off the top few pages. Because we don’t want you to spam the ad over and over again, advertisers may copy all the information from the original ad, then delete it, then create a new ad the same information that will once again be posted on the top of the list.

Doing all the above will not only get more exposure and sales for the advertiser but also allow buyers to have a more pleasant experience browsing the free classified website.

We wish you good luck and happy free advertising!