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Zeolites are crystallized hydrated tectosilicates which have tiny pores with 1-20 Angstroms in diameter. They have got exchangeable cations in their structure from the alkali metals group (sodium and potassium) and alkaline earth metals (calcium and magnesium) and they can absorb and release water reversibility without changing in their structure. The most important properties of Zeolites are including; cation exchange property, high water absorbency, increase the amount of free space, reduce the density with the loss of water (become dehydrated), stability of the crystallized structure during the loss of water and various physical properties such as electrical conductivity, adsorption properties of gases and vapors, catalytic properties and characteristics of molecular sieves.


Water refinement (reduce water hardness, sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant from agricultural activities, extracting ammonia from sewage, …)

Construction of lightweight building blocks

Livestock and poultry nourishment (disinfection of poultry litter, animal and aquatic feed)

Agriculture and gardening (fertilizer of the soils, better distribution of fertilizers, soil amendment, preparation of the fertilizer, absorption of the heavy metals in soil, floriculture, …)

Manufacture of Oxygen


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