How to Recover Email Account and Password?


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Feb 24


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Inactive accounts (without webmail, POP, or IMAP activity for 180 days) will become inactive after 180 days and will not be available to the end-user. To resolve this issue, call support at +1 (800) 517-0618.


Note. To reset your password, you must first complete the security issues associated with your account.


To reset your email password, go directly to the “Manage My Account” section and go to step 4 or:

* Go to the email account recovery page.

* Click on the drop-down menu Email account and support.

* Click Manage Email Account.

* Enter your email address and password on the “Online Account Settings” screen and click “Sign In”.

* After logging in, click on the link “Change usernames, passwords, and email accounts”.

* Click on the link I forgot my password and follow the instructions.


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