DTU Wireless Signal Transmitter ALIA


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Jul 7

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DTU Wireless Signal Transmitter ALIA

The AST777 is a DTU device for wireless data transmission terminal of Internet of Things. It can be used to connect the serial signals of instruments and meters for wireless transmission. With the convenient access to the network, AST777 can be widely applied in industry, Agriculture, environment and other fields using wireless transmission. Along with the rise of the Internet, the measurement data can be remotely monitored and analyzed via mobile phone, pad and computer.



 Industrial wireless data terminal with wide signal coverage  
Stable & reliable, simple & flexible networking, data transfer delay <1s  
 With the supply of TTL, RS232 & RS485 communication interface  
 Data transmission between converter and server with the built-in  
protocols of TCP/IP  
 Point-to-point& one-to-multi point data transmission  
 The data terminal has the merit of always on line  
 Function of reconnecting and restarting after the connection is broken  
 Support VPN operation  
 Support the application of building user’s own system  
 128 devices can be online simultaneously