Complete Guide to 7 Chakras & Their Significance


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Mar 4


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We all have 7 chakras, and they play a vital role in our life as they rule our health, emotions and mind. Even before modern technology, ancient people found out that all living beings carry a force that kept them alive; they’re known as the centers of energy (7 Chakras).

The spinning energy occupies 7 centers inside our body that starts from the base of our spine to the top of our heads are 7 Charkras.

7 chakras provide him/her the right balance of energy to each part of the mind, body and spirit. But if the chakras are blocked, spins too quickly or moves slowly then your health, mind and body might get imbalanced.

This blog is all about How You can work on your imbalanced chakras and balance them to live a harmonious life with balanced emotional, spiritual and physical stability.