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Zaminkav Mining Company is manufacturer of the first class Kaolin to supply in various sizes for different purposes as diverse bags. The most part of the produced Kaolin was used before in the ceramic industries. Nowadays, about 50 percent of Kaolin has usage in producing paper, and the rest of it uses in agriculture, ceramic, super alloys, producing rubber, painting and plastic industries.

In producing paper industry, Kaolin is used as filler and coating. In producing rubber it is also used as filler material. Soft and pure Kaolin applies in soft rubbers such as rubber tiles, and impure Kaolin uses in preparation of ceramic compositions. In painting, high quality and pure Kaolin has utilization as pigment and filler material. It should be noted that since Kaolin contains the lowest impurities compared with other clays (particularly in terms of iron oxides); it is considered among the whitest baked clays.


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