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We all love the joy that parenting brings, and watching a child grow up can be stressful, but, most times, exciting. If you want to retain the precious memories of a child while growing up, then Picture with words is your best option.


Let me take you on a journey to understand the benefits of a custom photo with text through a story after you finished reading this article you will appreciate more how a gift of the Photo to words can do the magic when least expected.


Sophia is a young high school girl and an orphan. She lives with her Granny, who is in her late 70s. The parent of Marie died in an auto crash when she was just two years old. So, she had the opportunity to receive little love in a little time. And then she had no understanding of what love meant. She grew up in a hostile environment both at the school and in the house. At home, her Granny full of age and had no much good memories but only of disappointment and aggrieved of how she had lost her only son (Sophia’s father). At the school marries had no friends, lonely and a victim of bullying from bigger students. This becomes so much that she lost the will to pursue a good academic grade. In the midst of her “no love” life, she felt dejected, rejected, and inferior. Sometimes she asks herself while she was born into such a disastrous life. She lost the strength to push further in life, other children dream of a future. But she got stuck with her present, past and she constantly battles with her nightmares. And her Granny was so old that she could not help herself not to talk of helping Marie gets over her problems. Right now, you might be wondering and asking yourself the question of how a pic made with words will help in this situation. If you are in that shoe and you are very curious, you can help yourself by reading this story to the end


Sophia continued to live her life; she waits on daily what life has for her, either good or bad, because she has no plan whatsoever. She needed attention so badly that she got to the point she no longer needs them. She has many desires in life that she could not get, so she was tired of having desires. If you ever have the opportunity of meeting Sophia in person. You do not need to be told before you see it written all over her innocent face. Unhappiness, sadness, and weariness radiate on her face. Then there comes a moment in the life of Sophia when she concluded she had enough of what life is serving her. She could no longer push; further, she lost the will to live, and life has finally succeeded in convincing her that she has nothing to live for. But in the moment of making these decisions, she promised as a way of showing her last love to her dead parent. She would clean up there long-abandoned room. While she was cleaning, she discovered something that changed her life forever. In one of her old parent box, she saw a gift neatly wrapped waiting to be opened. She opened the gift, and the first thing that got her attention was a glittering eye of a baby in the Picture, and on those pictures are words written. You probably should know that those pictures are the childhood picture of Sophia. On the pictures were written two powerful sentences. One of the” MY DEAR LITTLE GIRL YOU ARE LOVED, LET NO ONE TELL YOU LESS.” And the second one is “YOU ARE THE BEST GIFT LIFE GAVE ME.” At that point, even with her teary eyes, two things happened to Sophia.


1.       She regained her self-confidence and no more feeling inferior because she had just seen how beautiful she could be.

2.       Finally, she gets the chance to know that someone loved her, and she is not a mistake after all.


Now, she lost the will to die; all she wants to do is push further in life. She has been given another chance to face life again. All these because of a picture with words. Lessons from Sophia’s story; she got beaten down by life and could not remember how important or how beautiful she could be. But a photo with text gave her that back. It would be best if you didn’t forget the memories of your child growing up. Selecting the pictures of your child while growing up, then you could put their favorite song lyrics on the Picture, or you could change some of their photos to words. This will make them feel special, loved, and appreciated. You will help them to have a little glimpse of how their childhood was. You might put the lyrics of the recorded song it can the lullaby that you sing for them while they were still very young. Even if your child is still growing up you can keep it for them. At every stage of their growing up, they capture those moments into pictures. And on those pictures put words that show that they matter to you and you are happy being their parent. A gift can be very simple and yet powerful as far as it can touch the heart of your child. Making a photo to words and putting a song lyrics on your child’s Picture is very simple. The process is effortless and will only require you to upload the picture you want to use, the words or the song lyrics. Make necessary adjustments on the Picture, and until it suits your need, then you can complete your order. You can either choose to download in JPG formats or a mounted print form so you can hang them around. It will be shipped by UPS or FedEx for free. And if you learned from today’s story, you will know what to choose.

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