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Nursery Rhymes Songs

HooplaKidz features Nursery Rhymes songs such as JohnyJohnyTwinkle TwinkleWheels on the Bus, Lullabies such as Hush Little Baby and Lavender’s Blue, Kids’ Songs such as Jungle SongShark Song, and more. HooplaKidz promises a bouquet of songs that will entertain, engage and educate the toddlers and preschoolers. HooplaKidz brings together over 230 popular Nursery Rhyme songs under one roof, for kids all over the world, and has bagged more than 15 million subscribers and over 170 million monthly views, across 9 global languages including EnglishSpanishBrasilFrenchThaiHindiDeutscheItalian, and Bahasa.

Preschool Songs such as the ‘Morning Routine’‘Feelings Song’‘Sorry, Thank You Song’ help in teaching kids moral values, which are very important to embed in a child at a very young age. Classic Nursery Rhymes Songs such as Mary Had a Little LambOld Mac DonaldFive Little Monkeys are not only entertaining but also make children familiar with the habits and sounds of animals, which is a very interesting concept for preschoolers.

Every song of HooplaKidz features characters that are enjoyed by kids all over the world. While preschoolers can learn better in a creative song format, learning numbers, colors, animals, moral values and more from their favorite characters will not only entertain them, but will educate them in a way that they never forget their learnings. HooplaKidz also promises a musical method to rock the little one to sleep with a melodious collection of lullabies that will quickly take the little ones to their dreamland.

These Nursery Rhymes songs are available on multiple digital platforms such as Amazon PrimeRokuXumo, audio platforms such as SpotifyYouTube MusicApple Music, and Amazon Music, and HooplaKidz’s our very own app – HooplaKidz Plus, a kid’s app which is a child’s first app and a must-have app for parents!