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Setting up your own business is no easy feat. There are different tasks to work on, from managing your funds, assessing your target audience, and marketing your business. And most new and budding business owners fail to understand the importance of good PR. That’s why they won’t even invest their money in partnering with PR firms. Don’t be like most new business owners!


Good PR can help startup companies differentiate themselves from the rest. It can shape positive public image and increase a company’s brand reputation, leading to financial growth and increased sales. Grow your brand visibility with JMG Public Relations.


JMG Public Relations is an award-winning public relations firm specializing in promoting clients in the lifestyle and entertainment industry. We work closely with our clients, giving them access to an in-house creative department.


As a reliable public relations firm, we offer bespoke PR solutions, including:  

·         Social Media Consulting

·         Website Consulting

·         Media Relations

·         Content Creation

·         Thought Leadership

·         Talent Relations

·         Brand Communications

Partnering with both well-known and emerging personalities, we are committed to fostering dynamic relationships that provide quality work to boost their brand! We guarantee that once you’ve worked with us, we will help you reach a multi-platform audience as we build and establish your brand.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to be sensitive to the unique conditions of the pandemic. Make sure to seek the help of the PR experts to help you promote your brand the right way!

Whether you want to enhance your brand visibility or need help in hosting events, we can cater to all your PR needs. Find the best media solutions with JMG Public Relations. 


Get in touch with us today! For more details and inquiries about our services, please call us at +1 212-206-1645. You can also sign up with your email address to receive the latest blogs and updates from us

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