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The UK Spouse visa advice is needed when you intend to apply for a partner visa. Whilst the visa application forms seems to allow you to apply easier, the legal process and how to apply for the spouse visa, means you have to be careful. The evidences when applying for the spouse visa is critical and important.

The visa application under the spouse visa has 4 main elements. The most important part of the UK spouse visa is about the relationship and demonstrating the intention to live together, as partners. The second element is meeting the English language requirements. The latter 2 parts of the UK spouse visa, is for the sponsor to demonstrate the financial test is met and also have adequate accommodation.

Meeting the financial requirements on the UK spouse visa will also depends on the number of dependants also applying. You can apply for exemption including human rights grounds and also best interest of children. Speak to ICS Legal for more advice on UK spouse visa.

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