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Morocco is one of the largest Argan Oil supplier countries in the world. Many industries are situated in the country that export Argan Oil in Bulk. However, the Oriental Group has been known to manufacture the purest and the most authentic Argan Oil in Morocco. The oil is produced from the Argon Fruit. Henceforth, the company is situated near the heart of the forest. So they get the best supply of Argon fruit. Only the finest argon fruit is chosen to extract oil.

Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which great for the skin. The Oriental group also produces various organic and skin products which are enriched with Argan Oil. They produce various organic Argon items such as organic oil for skin, organic shampoo etc. All of these products are 100% authentic, genuine and are great enhancers for your skin. 

The company’s all products are products are MSDS, CCPB /NOP USDA PROGRAM  certified. As a result, they are supplied to all Major countries like the US, UK and China.

The company exports all of its products to major continents. Since the company is situated in such an eco-friendly location, all of its products are packed only on the date of export. They never pre-pack any item. This allows their products to not only have a long shelf life but also keeps them afresh from prolonged times.