A Picture With Words: The Simple Living Biography Of Our Love Life


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As humans, we hold onto many memories, those that we love, the ones that had caused us pain. The memories of our loved ones lost through break up or even death. But you can preserve the lovely ones through a picture with words.


Love, when it is not forgotten, cannot die. What keeps love awake from death is remembrance. But sometimes it may be strange how we may easily forget the ones that really should forever be a part of us. So, people can go to any length to preserve their love memories. Either by putting their favorite song lyrics on pictures or changing the photo to words. A picture made up of words makes your confession about a thing, animal, or a person leaves the harbor of mere words to the point of reality.


An image that is attractive or appealing to the eyes will influence an average human to take action. And the same thing with words that are good to hearing seasoned with emotions and expression of a true and deep feeling. They can make the hardest of the heart to be filled with love. Love is a beautiful thing; it gives strength even to the weakest of heart, and it makes you want to have more of itself.


So, imagine how lovely words, when combined with a good and memorable picture, will turn out to be. You will not only be refreshed in your memories with pictures but also the words that held those moments together. On the photo to text, connect your pictures with your favorite words.


Recently, with the advent of digital gadgets like cameras and phones with excellent cameras. Couples and Lovers can take snapshots of every lovely moment in their life. On every picture you got from each moment, you can put words on those pictures and give strength to your memories. Another reason you should have an image made from text is that your relationship will also benefit from it. Even at those points when your relationship is heading towards the rock, and it seems all hope is lost. They can bring healings to your weary soul. You may be curious as to how this can happen. It is very simple; the pictures that you have words written on them are the ones you cherish most. And they serve as proof that you are in love. Any time those pictures with words hang around in your home or even on your phone. It has a way of reminding you that you once have a perfect love life, and you can still have them back. And then the words will do the much of the work; they connect you back to those pleasurable days. You will not only feel them, but also it will be looking as if you are still living them. And thus, it opens the door of healing to your soul; hope lingers in your heart.


Generally, when you look at a picture, it will stir up emotions in you, whether love, hatred, laughter, or excitements. But when you look at those pictures with your words written on it, then be ready to journey deeply back into the past. Imagine a wedding picture with your sacred vows written on it. You will always be reminded of your promise of a lifetime commitment to your partner. Another good thing about an image made from text is that even when they are not your words or you are not in the picture. You will still have a sense of replay of the moment captured in the photo with those lovely words.


A biography is a story of the life of a person; it contains how they started, what they have achieved, and their experiences. The biography of your love life should not necessarily be written in inks, but you can allow pictures made up of words on them to tell your love story. Later, when you become old, you can show it to your children. And even in your old age, it will make reminiscing of the past easier because you can still see them with your eyes. And peradventure you lost a loved one, the best gift you can give to them even in their death is preserving their memories. They can be constantly kept alive and not forgotten together with their favorite words. If your love story has a picture, it will explain itself to people. They don’t have to be there to know how it happened. It will take them back on a memory lane, but this time it’s yours and not theirs.


Either we like it or not, as we grow up, our memories fade away; it does not matter if you lived them. The memory you once cherished can also be forgotten as you advanced in age. Those times when you will begin to lose track of some important things in your life. It can be an animal you once cherish; it could be your best friends. You can allow pictures with words to be a biography of your love life because they will help immortalize your moments in frames and with a very good background. You can make everyone in the circle of your love life to be forever remembered.


I don’t know if you have heard of living memories; they are memories that have been lived in the past but still lives on. This story gets to live on not because they were very good. But the narrative ability of the person telling the story has the power to make the story live on in the hearts of the audience. Here, photo to text will excellently help you to make your story into a biography that will forever live on. You choose the picture and the text, and they turn it around into a living biography. Making an image from text reality is very simple. And can be achieved with this simple process. Upload the picture that you want to use, and also the words. You are allowed to make your adjustment until you love what you see because it will be previewed.


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