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We are looking to help chefs, cooks and bartenders earn more money from their skills, talents and expertise. Create a virtual relationship with your fans, clients and followers to offer them value that will then turn them into more business for your services. Extend your audience reach and new income with FOODIEZ.LIVE.

Here are a few ideas on how to make more money from your skills, talents and expertise:

Live broadcast making an easy appetizer or drinks

Live Q & A about a special diet, menu or drink

Show them how to prepare food or drinks or do something more efficiently

Virtual cooking class with individuals and private groups

Talk about some of your favourite kitchen or bar “must-haves” or how to use certain equipment

Share your tips on how to pick out the best produce or beverages

Share a simple recipe with them to setup private cooking or bartending classes

Show them different ways to use one ingredient in multiple dishes or drinks

Live Q & A on how to become a chef or food stylist or mixologist

Do a live broadcast showing off your kitchen or bar and introduce your team (make sure it looks sanitary and somewhat clean before). People like to know the experts behind their culinary experiences

Record a video of one of the chefs on your team using a cool kitchen technique

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas on what you can deliver on FOODIEZ LIVE. Again, it doesn’t have to be some elaborate production. It could be as simple as showcasing something, showing them how to do something or simply sharing a story about yourself as a culinary expert. (Revised from Source: ChefDeb)

FOODIEZ.LIVE is a live video network that allows culinary experts, restaurateurs, chefs, cooks, bartenders, mixologists and cooking schools to price, schedule, promote and deliver live streaming broadcasts and video calls to audiences of any size. 


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