Resfresh Cpap Cleaner


United States




Jun 26


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This is a portable and silent machine that sanitizes all CPAP masks and tubes. The complete kit is appropriate for the sanitization of BIPAP, CPAP and APAP devices. The Resfresh CPAP cleaner uses a waterless activated oxygen system. This system ensures that over 99% of germs are killed. Moreover, it cleans areas where even UV light does not reach.

It has a very simple procedure for use where you only need to plug the Resfresh device to your CPAP and turn the Resfresh on. It has an automatic system where it automatically cleans your CPAP equipment using ozone in only 30 minutes.
It has a very compact design as it only measures 4.6”x 2.5”. it runs on a rechargeable battery which ensures that the cleaner is portable and is available for use at any time. Due to its unique design it is fit for both travelling and home purposes.