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May 13


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IBN with the help of StorageWorks analysis tool Named “Proficient” has saved

    a tremendous amount of CFO’s time & help them focus on High-Level Finance Functions.

IBN is using SageWorks financial analysis tool called as “Profit-cent” for providing Assistance 

to CFO’s Services and to End Customers who cannot appoint full-time CFO’s for their business 

strategic management.

Profit-cent is a web-based software program that interprets financial statements into a 

plain-language, narrative report that includes ratios, graphs, industry comparisons, and trend analysis. The reports are very quick and easy to generate, and accountants use them in 3 main 


1. As a value-added part of their management discussion

2. As a part of the analytical procedures for audits and reviews

3. As a marketing and business development resource