Positive Displacement Flowmeter ALIA APF850 Oval Gear


United States


Los Angeles


Dec 20

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Classified Description

The APF850 Series is designed in Oval Gear technology with digit display for Totalizer & flowrate and providing scale pulse and analog output 4-20mA.
APF850 Series Oval Gear flowmeters are both high accuracy and easily adaptable to most industrial applications.



 15-40 mm (1/2″~1-1/2″) lines sizes
 Handles viscosities up to 50000 CP
 Wide range of application
 Various process connection types available
 5 Digit Totalizer (Resettable) / 8 digit Totalizer (LCD)
 4-20 mA or pulse output 
 High accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading (or+/-0.2% of reading)
 Display with auto sleep function that gets up to 6 years of battery life