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Have you ever thought of buying marijuana (weed) or any pretty nice cannabis product freely just like walking down the streets to get some coffee ?


We are thankful for your time but most assuredly we tell you here is a place where you will find possible remedies to your problem .


e-post : firingbudsfarm@gmail.com


WHATSAPP :+1 9163523376


are you a patient ? a normal smoker ? here at firing buds farm,we bring you the best of all cannabis products all at discount prices , we farm,treat,process and sell to you at cheap prices with convenient delivery at your address to ease you you from stress and to save up your time .


Here at firing buds farm, we sell cartridges like the exotic, fruity pebbles, J pod and lot more ( flavored and non flavored) all at discount prices.


e-post : firingbudsfarm@gmail.com




We process and sell products such as Dabs, Wax, Shatter, Cannabis oil (barry white oil), concentrates and edibles all at best prices with a guaranteed delivery .


We farm and sell marijuana strains of almost all type (sativa and indica). We carryout varieties of cultivations (indoors and outdoors) top shelf.


e-post : firingbudsfarm@gmail.com




We have already available strains like


Sour diesel



Forbidden fruits

White widow

White rhino

Train wreck

Green crack


Northern lights

Og kush

Lemon kush

Purple kush

Holy grail


Pineapple express


Afghan kush


just to name a few out of the multiple


e-post : firingbudsfarm@gmail.com


 Website :http://cannabisoilpharma.com/


Over the years we have studied the cannabis market,faces tough moments,few times we failed and made things up to top standards,we get to realize how difficult it is to set up the market right down to consumers level, as a big dispensary with 4 sub dispensary branches here in the states of california , we have used our long time experience to set up a suitable and safe packaging method which is very unique, and the best and most important a safe delivery method which can only be revealed to prospective customers. We care so much about our looses and have always fight to sort out the few we ever encoutered, firstly we do refunds in case of any delivery failure of which we have never experienced any and then we provide customers with their tracking numbers once their package is booked for shipment, we ship discretely via USPS, UPS, FedEx and few private logistics, We ship to all states in the US (24 hour duration), Europe and some latin american countries..


To place an order or for any consultation contact




e-post : firingbudsfarm@gmail.com