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Online Quran Academy – Online Quran Classes – Learn Quran Online

Ilmul Quran Online Academy offers learn Quran opportunity online with experience male and female teacher. We Offer Free Trial online classes!

Welcome to Ilm Ul Quran Online Academy

Leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses.

We Offer

Quran Translation

Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy has experienced male and female tutors to explain the translation and meaning of verses. The learners are taught detailed descriptions and contextual meanings of every single word to understand the meanings of verses and hadith.

Quran Memorization

Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy has certified Hafiz and Hafiza to provide guidance to the students who are interested to memorize the Quran by heart. Our professional teachers have designed an effective and easy strategy to memorize the Quran in the shortest duration of time.

Quran For Beginners

Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy has benevolent and qualified teachers to teach Noorani Qaida to beginners. Our dedicated teachers focus on the identification of alphabets by teaching them via the engaging method and the correct pronunciation of words according to Tajweed rules.

Applied Tajweed Course

Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy has designed this course to teach all essential rules of Tajweed by covering all major areas under the supervision of experienced scholars. The students become self-sufficient to recite the Quran by applying Tajweed rules eloquently and beautifully.

10 Qiraat

Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy offers excellent services to learn Qiraat in 10 authorized modules. We have experienced scholars and tutors to teach Qiraat rules by focusing on the correct pronunciation of words or Harkat to make you the master of relevant reciting style.

Quran Recitation

Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy has competent and qualified Quran teachers to provide Islamic education. The focal point of our dedicated teachers is the recognition of letters and correct pronunciation. In this course, the students are taught the Quran that enables them to recite it fluently and gently.


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