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Apr 26

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Chinese and Japanese dating both are different from each other, but both have some everyday things. We would have seen many Chinese men dating chinese girls, and also many Japanese guys are marrying Chinese people. It is the usual thing. Whatever the customs and culture are, marriage is a divine thing, and anyone has to take it seriously. Only then is it possible for a better and happy life? Understanding matters a lot other than anything between the couples. In this article, I have mentioned some of the crucial things and also the differences between Chinese and Japanese marriages and dating. People have different roles in these two marriages.

Marriages of both Cultures:

In both the culture, they consider marriage as a union of two families rather than two hearts. Both the country people give importance to their country and also to their lifestyle. Upper-class people of both countries consider marriage only as uniting two wealthy and economic families. Still, some people have given importance to money and some other unwanted things other than the love of two people. When you think of the roles of women in two countries regarding marriage, both are in the same condition. But the traditions followed in marriages are utterly different to each other for sure.

In the beginning, the people of these two countries have given importance only to the social classes and also the economic level. They conduct weddings only to recognize their social level to society to find a wife. The wedding ceremonies are very simple, and they consider it as a family reunion. Both the culture involves a feast also. In China, it is not that individuals involved but also the families are given with much importance. But various other cultures people give importance only to families other than the individuals. In Japan, they look for a bride who is good looking and educated and also obedient, but when they look for a groom, they would see the financial range of the family.

Dating Rules of Two Countries:

This is how they select the groom and bride for their weddings. In China and Japan, they give more importance to society, so most of the families give importance only to arrange marriages rather than love or any other kind of wedding. In some of the areas still, parents themselves would select the groom or bride and would make the marriage without making two people involved and making them meet and talk. Both of them would look at each other only on their wedding day. These people are still orthodox and give much importance to the family and society rather than their children.

This is what makes Chinese and Japanese people to be separated from other western countries. People are still following these rules in some nooks and corners of China and Japan. As technology has developed, the dating system has started by the young generation people of China and Japan.