Talc, the softest mineral for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products


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Jan 13


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ZaminKav Mining Company is the biggest manufacturer of the first class Talc for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. This mineral should be having a good white color. It should be noted that this powder contains 90% or more Talc and less than 8% chlorite. According to the Federation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, Carbonates and Sulphates not must be existed in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, the quantity of lead should not be more than 20 ppm and the quantity of Arsenic should not be more than 2 ppm.

Talc, the softest mineral for agriculture

Usage of Talc for production of chemical materials is another application of Talc which uses in agriculture. This mineral is so beneficial, because of being chemically inert and having compatibility with various toxic substances. In agriculture, Talc applies as mineral filler, diluent ingredients in pesticides and eliminator of grasses and mushrooms.



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