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Jan 24

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LDPE stretch film is a high-quality elastic plastic film which is used to wrap corrugated boxes, pallets during the shipping process. LDPE stretch film comes with various widths, thickness, length, gauge etc. We offer a wide range stretch film in different width such as 50 MM, 100 MM, 250 MM, 450 MM, 600 MM and 900 MM etc.

You can buy stretch film online from Gujarat Shopee at a very affordable price as per your requirement. Our LDPE stretch film roll comes in various lengths such as 100 meters, 200 meters, 450 meters, 650 meters and 800 meters etc. If you find stretch film suppliers in India then you are at the right place, we provides wholesale or bulk quantity high-quality LDPE stretch film at very low cost in various micron such as 9 to 12 micron, 15 microns, 18 microns, 20 to 51 micron etc.