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We provide a complete range of  Peanut Butter Making Machine for Chocolatiers. Our Electra Nut Butter Machine gives the combination action of shearing and grinding, transforms the hard peanuts into a smooth paste. Also makes spreadable nut butter from cashews, almonds, pistachios and more .


·         Highly responsive Customer Service 

·         We can make crunchy and smooth butter in this machine 

·         Timer controlled or continuous operation 

·         All commercial duty components 

·         1.5 HP industrial motor 

·         Easy, tool-free cleanup


ChocolateMelangeur – Manufacturers and distributors of Best Branded Chocolate Melangers, Nut Butter Machine, Cocoa Grinders, Stone grinders for Chocolatiers.

Our Exclusive Products:


Chocolate Melanger

Nut Butter Grinder

Santha Chocolate Melanger 11 lbs

Premier Chocolate Melanger

Electra Cocoa Nut Melanger

Electra Stone Grinders

Ultra Melanger

Electra Pro Melanger

Cocoa Nib Grinder

Best Commercial  Peanut Butter Machine for Sale. Order @ Factory Price.

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