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Apr 13


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A Business continuity facilitation measure during present challenging times. Virus Solution Provide, the pioneer in Date Care Introduces online Remote Analysis & Recovery to help you recover from Data Loss incidents from the comfort of your home, while you spend time productively in other tasks.

Summary of Virus Solution Provider Remote Data Recovery process, which is conducted in 2 stages :

1. In Remote Analysis (Stage 1): Our data recovery technician will take the remote access of your system/computer upon providing your system credentials such as user name and password to analyse the possibility of remote data recovery. During remote analysis, our technician will show you some of the sample files from your required data to be recovered. Once you confirm the files/data shown to you then we will share time and cost estimate for remote data recovery. This analysis process may take 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on your drive capacity and problem in your storage media.

Remote Analysis charges are Rs.1500/- which are exempt for esteemed corporate customers.

2. Post your confirmation on the analyzed data shown to you in the above first stage, we can proceed for the next stage of online Remote Data Recovery (Stage 2) in the same session, for which you need to pay the data recovery charges as communicated to you during the Analysis stage. Upon receipt of payment, we will recover your required data in the same session & store the recovered data on your preferred media attached to your computer/system. We recommend that you should have separate storage media for saving the recovered data.