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Bentonite is a rock mostly constituted by clay minerals (very fine particles with sizes smaller than 2 micrometers). From geological features, Bentonite is clay layers rich of montmorillonite- beidellite which has other companions. It should be noted that Bentonite is not a mineral, but a series of minerals together constitute Bentonite rock. Environment of this rock formation is shallow and low energy waters and temperate climate. Montmorillonite or Bentonite with respect to its abundant applications is categorized as follows.

Sodium bentonites

Substitution Bentonites by sodium

Calcium Bentonites

Organophilic Bentonites

Acid-activated Bentonites



For ceramic tile

For civil engineering, dams, tunnels, concrete and plastic concrete

For earth pit and earthing

For Livestock, poultry and aqua feed

For agriculture

In glaze

In steel industry

In casting industry

In drilling



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