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While looking at the hiring landscape of an organization, major priorities for enterprise businesses is to increase their ROI from their campaigns. Marketing technology is at boom and can optimize the performance of an organization, so companies are focusing on enhancing their martech stack and hiring solution-specific martech experts with an aim to increase the revenue generation of their strategies and campaigns. Since 2011, Martech industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation and has evolved into, the more efficient and effective face of marketing.

Many organizations are still struggling to use martech solutions they’ve integrated at its best. For medium to large companies, the key to an effective martech strategy comes down to making the most effective hires and staying abreast of martech trends.

Recruiting high-end experts who can evaluate current martech strategies is very much in demand. Organizations will be looking forward to hiring day-to-day specialist with proper knowledge of how to use newly integrated solutions and platforms like Pardot, Marketo, Omniture, Magento, etc. Demand for martech experts is expected to increase for the hottest technologies, which means qualified, high-end talent will be tough to find.

Data analytics and Ecommerce skills will continue to be the highest-paid in the martech skillset. This report comes as no surprise considering the importance data-driven decision holds in relation to their impact on increasing revenue, spurring innovation and driving business growth. Ecommerce skills will produce some of the highest salaries as companies build and expand their use of in-demand platforms like salesforce and its accompanying ecosystem.

Although the appearance of martech architect role in job board is infrequent, demand is expected to rise with the rise of martech investments. Before submitting the request for a new martech solution to a chief marketing technologist, companies will need to use a martech architect to evaluate the resulting integration of these solutions across various departments to guarantee a smooth transition and data-sharing functionality.

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