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Dec 24


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Best CNC Automatic Wood Lathe Machine for Sale

Quick Details of CNC Automatic Wood Lathe Machine

• Truely automatic workpiece feeding. 

• Working size 11.81″D x 59″L (300 x 1500mm)

• One blade head + one electronic spindle head combination

• AC servo 5.36HP (4.0KW) as head stock drive

• NEMA34 stepping motor + YAKO YAK2811MA combination as the X and Y drive

• RichAuto hand-held numerical controller special for auto wood lathe, which can read ***.dxf file and no need to make G-code toolpath for turning and broaching jobs. The communication interface is USB. 

Is It Already Prepared and Ready to Go Once It’s Arrived?

EagleTec automatic wood lathe machine is delivered ready to run. Once it arrived, you just need to connect each part to run the machine. The process just like you buy a new computer, and you need connect the monitor with the host, the keyboard with the host. Same goes to our machine. Under our specific tutorials in English, it is very simple.

Wood Lathe Tools Will be Provided for Free

Two sets wood lathe tools will be provided for free along with this fully automatic wood lathe machine, they are best carbide cutters for woodturning and arch type router bit for broaching. The carbide cutter can turn 700 pieces of beechwood in average before resharpening. 

Packing List of EagleTec Automatic Wood Turning Machine

In addition to the two types cutters, the standard accessory includes following items as well.

Tool box – 1 Piece

USB flash with specific tutorials from hardware to software in English – 1 Piece

Limit sensor – 1 Piece

ON/OFF button – 1 Piece

Emergency switch – 1 Piece

Spanner – 1 Piece