MEGA G3 -Powerful Metal & Gemstones Detector


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Forrest City


Feb 23


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MEGA G3 is the latest model and world’s best metal detector proven and tested for its reliability in metal & gemstones detecting.


MEGA G3 has LCD high resolution screen and long lasting battery that can be used up to 20 hrs and a laser system to easily determine the direction of the target set by the device from a distant point.


It has an ideal design combining accuracy and ease of use which can easily be learned by first time users.


Search Systems:

1. Long Range Locator-detects target up to 2,000 meters front range and 40 meters deep underground with the ability to explore all types of terrain including mountainous, muddy and even rocky land.

2. Ionic Scanner System-detect targets, especially metals, that has been buried for a long period of time. The longer an object is buried, the higher its ionic strength, therefore easier to detect.


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