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Used axle shaft for sale

An axle is a rod or shaft that rotates the wheels and supports the weight of your vehicle. Axles are essential components of any vehicle and come in three main types: front, rear and stub. Since axles control the power that propels the wheels, every vehicle has to have axles in order to operate. The number of axles in a car depends on the type of vehicle. In most cases, cars have two axles to rotate the wheels. Larger vehicles that carry passengers and have more wheels may have more axles. Front axle is located in the front of the vehicle. This axle is responsible for assisting with steering and processing shocks from the uneven surface of the road. Rear axle is responsible for delivering power to the driving wheels. In most cases, rear axles are live, meaning they rotate with the vehicle’s wheels. Stub axles are attached to the vehicle’s front wheels, with kingpins connecting these axles to the front axle.

Zaxon provides used axle shaft all over the USA. You can simply search for a Zaxon store that may have used axle shaft for your model by filling a parts request form. Used parts provided by Zaxon are not only cheap but also have a good life. You can search in the USA by zip code for used auto parts near you.

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