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Silicon Brush With Plastic Handle
INGENIOUS DESIGN – This versatile Dish Scrub Brush cleaner is perfect for scrubbing dishes or cleaning Potato, Tomato, Cucumber, Apple, Avocado and cleaning any veggies or produce. You can even clean the lipstick off the wine glass with ease. This is a wax resist brush which is truly multipurpose.
PERFECT MATERIAL – Silicon Soft Bristles Brush / Scrubber with hard plastic handle. Bendable silicon bristles to easily clean any surface. If you want an excellent cleaning crystals tool, then look no further. One of the best washing brushes for cleaning in the market which you can buy today.
EXTREMELY VERSATILE – This unique brush is made out of silicone which doesn’t absorb any grease and it stays odor free and hygienic with no bacteria build up. Dishwasher Safe. It’s a great pan scruber / dish washing tools. It works better than a kitchen dishwasher sponge for delicate dish washing. It’s extremely gentle on nonstick pots & pans. It is so versatile that you can even use it for giving your pet a bath; hence, it’s a great idea to own a few of them.
STURDY & TOUGH – This brush is tough enough to stand the heat between -40 F – 450 F, and soft enough to wash any delicate surface with fantastic results. It’s much stronger than the regular brushes which make it much easier to scrub away food stains and dirt. It doesn’t fall apart like the regular brushes and will not lose its shape or color.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT, simply just return it and drop us an email. We will refund your money without any questions. RISK FREE PURCHASE.