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At Central Avenue Asbestos Removal, our customer’s health and safety are our foremost concern while testing or removing asbestos or lead. Asbestos and lead have many similarities. They were both used in the construction industry for a long time. Then, they were found to be dangerous, and in many cases (but sadly not all), alternatives are now used. Asbestos and lead cause harm in different ways. When inhaled, airborne asbestos fibers lodge themselves in the lining of the lungs. The sensitive lining is thus disturbed, causing cancer decades later. Lead causes lead poisoning, to which children are the most susceptible. Lead poisoning can be caused by airborne lead, but also by the licking of lead paint. Little ones teething on windowsills (or anything else with lead paint on it), and children’s growing brains, are reasons why lead poisoning harms children the most. For these reasons, airborne lead or asbestos is a great threat, and when working we set up multiple safety mechanisms to keep the disturbed materials from getting out of the construction zone. Does your Chicagoland building or home have suspected or confirmed asbestos-containing materials or lead-containing paint? Call us today to ask about testing or removal.