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Jun 30


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Mobile phones have become a necessary part of human’s life because it plays an essential role in making life easy. Mostly we use our cellphones to communicate with other people. We can make a voice call, a video call, or send messages on a mobile phone. Mobile Phones have made Communication very easy and comfortable. In a business, communication plays a vital role in its progress. A convenient and effective communication lifts the growth of business upwards.

Vitel Global Communications provides you a mobile application to manage your business from your mobile phone so your business is always on the go. In this app, you get so many collaborative tools to make your business communication more functional and robust. In the difficult circumstances of Covid-19, employees are working from home, so they can not have their office desk phone with them. Being out of the office shouldn’t slow down your business.

Vitel Global’s mobile phone application transforms your employees mobile devices into an extension of their office desk phone. It facilitates easy and effective Communication and collaboration between employees, partners, and clients.
With Vitel Global’s Mobile Application, you can access your office desk phone features even when you are at home or travelling. Our mobile application includes every feature of your business communication. Some of its features include Extension dialing, Blind and warm transfers, Conference calls, Split calls, Extension-to-extension video calling, Location-based call rules, Intercom, Call recording. You can also send SMS or have a chat with this app. It also provides you Voice Mail service so you can exchange voice messages.
Our mobile application is straightforward to use because it is made of seeing your comfort and requirements. You can conveniently access all of its features on a single window. So now you can take your office wherever you are with Vitel Global’s Mobile application. So install now the Vitel Global Mobile softphone application (free with the purchase of a Vitel Global Voice seat).