Zululand, South Africa Wire Baskets & Bracelet


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Dec 10

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I have two Zulu handwoven wire baskets and one wire bracelet for sale that I brought back from South Africa while on vacation. Made by Zulu. All are very unique.


About The People:


The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa. The Zulu are from Zululand, South Africa.


Basket Making


The Zulu people have long been associated with their skill and artistry in fashioning baskets from the native plants and grasses of their homeland as well as for their intricate and culturally important beadwork.


The original idea to use recycled telephone wire for baskets reportedly came from security workers on the graveyard shift in South African factories. To pass the hours, they would often wind and weave brightly colored bits of telephone wire around their nightsticks.


Weaving of these baskets from the top down and over a form makes them even more unusual. Most baskets are woven from the bottom up. These inventive weavers start with a thick wire at the top rim of the basket and then work their way down, pulling each wire taut against a form to create the basket’s shape.


These artists have invented several new stitches that they weave with and are constantly evolving their styles. These two unique baskets are especially functional and can be washed in warm, soapy water.


Wire baskets are woven by many men due to the difficult nature of weaving wire.


These two baskets are beautiful and make a great art piece in any home. Plus they are very functional.


Large Red/Black/White Basket: $175.00 Size: 14 3/4″ Diameter x 4″ Tall

Smaller Multi Color Basket: $ 57.00 Size: 7-3/4″ Diameter x 2-1/4″ Tall

Small bracelet $25.00. Size: 7-3/4 INSIDE circumference, 2-5/8″ across