The Importance of Intranet Software in Marketing


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Mar 13


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Implementing an effective intranet software system includes numerous internal departments and one of the most important departments is the marketing department. Your marketing team is responsible for the website of your company and optimizing sales, so ideally they should have some input into your intranet system, as they are well-versed in organizing and displaying information in an eye-catching manner that provokes a reaction martech news. Marketing professionals spend their day drawing methods to promote your products to customers, so having an intranet that promotes the goals of your company to employees is equally important.

Intranet and social networking

One task of your marketing team is social networking, thus, getting their input on social collaboration tools in your intranet is useful. They understand the power of social networking and collaboration and will most likely have ideas on how to engage other employees via social platforms. Having social collaboration on your intranet can involve an option for brainstorming sessions for new business ideas, for example. An efficient intranet will also drive and grow the culture of the company and educate employees on new initiatives. Getting your employees involved socially on the intranet is always a massive bonus martech news.

Intranet application for marketing

The intranet can include specific applications to directly contribute to the marketing work of the company. A folder application can house much vital information including marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and white papers, up-to-date product descriptions, and prices, presentation documents, including PowerPoint slides, the results of a survey, iot marketing, market research, and analysis, monitoring results and evaluation reports.

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