What is identity governance and access life cycle?


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Enterprises have sensitive data stored and accessed through applications, databases, network devices, files and cloud apps in multiple business applications around the world. Identity governance is a mechanism to identify who has access to sensitive data and applications to prevent unauthorized users and orphaned users across the enterprise. Identity governance enforces access life cycle management process, right from granting access and periodically reviewing access privileges and revokes access privileges when user terminated. The process enables a centralized system where you have a workflow to manage user access reviews and entitlements at a single place for internal governance and auditing and for an external audit to review the user access controls.


Identity governance requires complete view off when user created, who has given access privileges, who is monitoring user privileges, entitlement and who is revoking access to these users. Identity governance and identity access management are two different product lines identity governance deals with access control compliance and user privileges and entitlement reviews. The identity governance is so important in the corporations to get a complete view of user privileges crossed the enterprise to minimize security breaches with insider threat.


SecurEnds Identity Governance and Access Control


There is a way to implement identity governance for enterprise systems even if they are not integrated with the access management system or single sign-on systems. SecurEnds identity governance and access control compliance product integrates with any system in the enterprise to create access control workflow by integrating with endpoints such as Active Directory, SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, SAP, AWS, Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, Jira, ServiceNow, etc.


This product can be configured to extract user credentials and entitlement details from endpoints both manually and automatic and matches with the HR user data to create IAM users at a centralized repository for managers to review. It provides identity governance to the user access reviews and allows updates to the user access privileges to complete the access management workflow.

Key features of the product to show evidence for managing Identity Governance and Access Control for Information Security Compliance

Manage and track access provisioning for new users

Limit users and access points to confidential data

Consolidated view of user access rights

Periodic user access and entitlement review

Eliminate unauthorized or orphaned users

Manage user access de-provisioning

User access certification


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