Benefits of Switching to QA Automation Testing Services


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Mar 10


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Best Tools and Best Practices of QA Automation Testing Services:

Charter Global evaluates your current process to determine areas for improvement and to establish a benchmark. Our experienced team offers insight for best practices to improve production with a reliable, secure, and high-performance product output.

Our best practices include:

    • Recommending the best automation tools to fit your business
    • Optimizing the automation process when it’s implemented
    • Reducing the cost for a shorter time-to-production
    • Identifying automation risks and planning effective mitigation strategies
    • Selecting the best suited automation tool for product technologies and requirements
    • Developing a modular, portable, maintainable, and reusable automation framework
    • Integrating various tools & technologies with an automation framework
    • Regression testing your application
    • Developing robust automated tests and environments
    • Assessing every test cycle thoroughly

Charter Global’s Capabilities:

    • Faster Time-to-Market: we quickly implement the automation suite using a ready-to-use, in-house, automation framework. This maximizes the ROI.
    • Accelerated Results: we use a parallel execution method on Cloud Networking with Docker.
    • Faster Feedback: Customized HTML views and advanced Extent Reports.
    • Expertise in CI/CD: Agile & DevOps transformations support the changing needs of your business. Continuous Integration – Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS etc.
    • Tech Stack: Identify tools and recommend based on your ecosystem and a wide range in the technology landscape (Selenium, Appium, Nightwatch, UFT, Jmeter, WAPT).

Go Beyond the Limitations of Manual Testing with Automation:

In manual testing, a product is checked against non-practical and utilitarian prerequisites manually, usually supervised by a quality affirmation group.

This method involves a bit of beta-testing, like running the application on various gadgets to discovering possible deviations from the initial prerequisites. The quality group uses some redefined test cases to measure quality, keeping a watchful eye on any possible blunders or defects with the application’s utility, UX, and outline.

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