Stay Away Moths/Moths Repellent-Get rid of Moths


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North Carolina



May 8

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This repellent is used to get rid of all kinds of moths like, Pantry moths, cloths moths and Moths in cat food e.t.c,  you need to simply remove the outer plastic wrapper and place the Stay Away® pouch in areas you want to keep free of moths. Do not place directly on furniture or finished surfaces as product may stain. Pantry moths are stealth masters. They are silent, secretive and sneaky. Moths will hide in dark corners and undisturbed areas so that you almost never notice them. Then they’ll lay their miniscule eggs along the seams where a piece of trim or mop board meets the wall, in high or hard to reach corners, or underneath the bottom of a shelf. You may not notice them for some time, but eventually you’ll end up opening a package from the pantry and notice disgusting little worms wriggling around inside. To get rid of moths, you have to place 1 pouch per 125 sq ft. in areas you want to keep moth-free. Replace after 30 days or when scent diminishes. We use Fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients like Cedarwood oil, geranium oil, geraniol oil, corn cob, almond oil, & sunflower oil to make this product in this way it is safe for kids and pets.