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We are Di Giovanni Consultants situated in the United States. We give out Loans with a minimum of 10m  USD / EUR up to 5B USD/EUR. We require organisations who need this services for Project Funding / Investments etc. Our interest rate is 0.45% per annum and we charge 3% for our services rendered.


We Also issue Bank Guarantees / standby letter of credit from Top AAA Rated banks both lease and purchase , 5%+2% & 32%+2% respectively .All inquires to Mr.Sanchez should include the following minimum information so I can quickly address your needs: 


Complete contact information:  What exactly do you need?   How long do you need it for?  Are you a principal buyer or a broker?


Contact: Dr.Giovanni Sanchez

Email  :

Tel/WhatsApp: +1-504-298-1547



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Dr.Giovanni Sanchez