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United States


Alexander City


Oct 15


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Learn How to Invest in Real Estate in your local areas. Take Live and Online Classes! Join an Award-Winning Real Estate Investment Education and Nationwide REI Training Community! Network with and get connected to our supportive community members on and offline.

Learn Residential – Commercial – Multifamily Apartments and Raw Land Development.
Learn how to Wholesale Houses, Do Lease Options, Buy and Sell Investor Notes, Learn Creative Financing, Buy Fix and Flip, Buy Fix and Rent, Buy and Sell for Investor Profits. Learn How to Use O-P-M and Build Your Investor Cash-Flow Portfolio and more!!

Register Online now REIEVENTS.NET / Must Use Invitation Code: DMH456. 76 and Learn More and Gain Complimentary Access to Our Next Live-Stream Online Real Estate Investor Training Event. Register Today!!!