cobra gx 8000 gold metal detector 2020


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cobra gx 8000 gold metal detector 2020



Gold detector 2020

Cobra gx 8000

Cobra GX 8000 Metal Detector is an all-in-one detector designed for treasure hunting, gold prospecting and metal detection to meet the needs of treasure hunters and professional users worldwide.

Equipped with 6 search systems, Cobra GX 8000 all functions that gold and treasure hunters need for a successful search.

The high performance detector developed by GEOGROUND Cobra GX8000 has the latest technology Made in Germany to deliver reliable results.

Unleash your passion for treasure hunting with the Cobra GX8000, the best and most reliable device with which you can easily discover deep-seated treasures.


Search for hidden gold treasures such as coin hoard, gold figures, jewelry (e.g. rings, chains & bracelets)

Detection of militaria such as daggers, swords, shields, etc. and metal tools

Search for different metal types (ferrous & non-ferrous)

Detection of antique and modern coins made of different metals such as gold, silver, copper or bronze.

Search systems in Cobra Gx 8000 device :

6 search systems

1_Long-range single mode

2_Long-range dual mode

3_Long-Range Manual Frequency Adjustment

4_ion system

5_Ionic system

6_Bionic system


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