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Mar 15

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Business Name: The Best Call Center

Address: CL 75 SUR #43A-202. Local 343. CC Aves Maria, Sabaneta , Antioquia 055450 Colombia

Phone: 800-385-4656


Description: We do not believe in nickel and diming our clients and that’s why we keep our pricing simple and honest. Outsource to The Best Call Center and get your own customer service team without the need for expensive equipment, additional staffing, and salary expenditures. The best part, we are so good that your customers will never know we are not in office with you.

In an industry flooded with automated voice response and chat-bots, we understand the need to take advantage of technology to efficiently serve clients. But we also know that nothing replaces a good conversation between people. As such we place more value on the basic human interaction and that why we do our job in the most professional and caller-focused way possible.

Keywords: Call Center at Sabaneta , Antioquia.


Hour: 24/7