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Boost Sales and Grow You Business with the Right CRM Platform

We went through the top 12 CRM platforms on the market today, assembling a list of the top three for every size business. Before we start, let me mention that at the end of this post, we do a complete comparison between each service detailing the reasons why you would choose one over the other.

HubSpot Review

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM platform centered around the concept of “inbound” marketing. HubSpot gives its users DIY software platforms where you can build any internet marketing offers, from SEO services to email marketing. It’s the perfect total inclusive email marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses. They have a reputation for delivering results, new users are usually shocked by their initial boost in traffic.


HubSpot lists all of its services, plans, and prices on their website.  It consists of several different products, such as the HubSpot Marketing Hub, that are built on top of a core CRM toolkit. Users can select which features a need and for what price. Users can start for free and build up their marketing tools based on their website needs.


HubSpot can provide valuable assets that allow small businesses to thrive on the Internet. These include:

  • SEO: HubSpot’s SEO comes with full analytics software, strategy tools, landing page design features, along with lead management and keyword strategy tools.
  • Email marketing: HubSpot provides personalized and timed emails, A/B split testing, sleek email designs, and email analytics.
  • Social media: HubSpot allows you to build social media campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, along with monitoring. Then publish content at the right time to achieve a higher engagement rate. It also includes a social media analytics dashboard.
  • Design: With HubSpot’s website software, you can design webpages pages and put cool customizations on your website.


HubSpot offers live chat and phone support for a quick resolution of any problem you might have. However, chances are you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself before you get to that stage. HubSpot offers a comprehensive library of training tools, including frequently asked questions and webinars used platform.


Without a doubt, HubSpot is one of the most potent CRM platforms on the market today. With a flexible application integration, advanced analytics, and sales pipeline software, it makes gaining traffic to your website a snap and should be the first consideration for small to medium-size businesses looking to gain traction over their competitors.

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ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign is one of the fastest-growing CRM systems on the market today, quickly gaining customers an exponential rate due to its ease-of-use, arsenal of features, and the ability to break every essential element of the campaign up into individual units instead of viewing task is one big mess. They are a powerhouse newsletter and marketing tool designed to make any business run smoothly.


ActiveCampaign has basic plans to start at $9 per month, but for those that want to see the system in action before forking over your hard-earned money, be sure to take advantage of their 14-day free trial, which requires no credit card, just a quick, easy sign-up.

The base membership is a powerful autoresponder system that allows up to 500 contacts, and unlimited email sends monthly. Members have the option upgrade to the full pledge CRM system, which also includes a custom domain and custom branding.


  • Marketing automation: ActiveCampaign is quickly becoming known as one of the best marketing automation platforms out there; it’s not only powerful software but extremely easy to use. It has one of the most visual and intuitive marketing automation builders out there, although they have extensive training, most people can get going without it.
  • Deliverability: in our deliverability test, ActiveCampaign proved that it had the right formula for delivering emails to the recipient’s inbox at an extremely high rate.
  • Top-notch reporting: ActiveCampaign delivers next level reporting such as geo-tracking, click maps, and page visits. For those in need, more power purchase tracking is also available for Woocommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce
  • Pipelines: ActiveCampaign understands that putting every deal on the same pipeline doesn’t make a lot of sense, every deal has a different of size and closing time, and its users can customize each pipeline based on your various audience segments.


ActiveCampaign has an extensive library of online support resources that is useful and easily searchable. Customers should easily be able to find the relevant supporting documentation with ease. There is also plenty of tutorials and webinars to help get users going. For those that need extra help ActiveCampaign also supports live chat, but no phone support. The support staff is fast and friendly, no matter what you’re trying to do.


ActiveCampaign offers an arsenal of marketing tools for online businesses, all of which we wholeheartedly recommend, and customers continue to rave about. Everything they do, they do very well. From email deliverability, to reporting, to automation, to e-commerce tracking, it’s an experience that users continue to rave about.

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SharpSpring Review

For marketing agencies who want a platform that can do it all, SharpSpring is a great option. Its robust features deliver high performance matched with affordable marketing automation. It is one of the most flexible CRM platforms on the market, offering behavior-based email marketing, website builders, social media management tools, while integrates with hundreds of applications.


SharpSpring is built for large scale marketing teams, and although their pricing is about one-third the price compared to other similar services, the high-price can catch customers off-guard if they’re not used to working in a large team or a small company looking to grow.

At least SharpSpring makes it clear how much companies can expect to pay when joining, with their base plan starting at $550 per month. Every plan comes with every feature. The only difference is how many contacts need to be managed.


  • Powerful automation: SharpSprings platform is straightforward to use by providing its customers with a visual workflow builder, allowing them to create custom automations that direct the buyer through the purchasing funnel. This makes it super easy to send out messages designed specifically for each customer, depending on where they are in the buying process.
  • Email marketing: SharpSpring provides its users with the arsenal of email templates along with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, so every email looks exceptionally professional. When you combine this with the drip campaign system, customers get nurtured throughout their experience.
  • Social media: SharpSpring makes social media marketing a breeze with its quick and easy social media posting calendar. Whether you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or one of the many other social sites, users can schedule posts ahead of time and let SharpSpring take care of the rest.
  • Analytics: One of our favorite features about SharpSpring is the analytics and reporting area; users will find different tools that allow them to make sense of every aspect of their business quickly. From email analytics, campaign tracking, behavior tracking, ROI reports, to custom reports of virtually any kind.


SharpSpring offers several tools and tutorials to help users familiarize themselves with every aspect of the platform. Their top-notch support offers both live chat and phone support, which goes above and beyond, ensuring that every question gets answered quickly and accurately. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and wants to make sure that all users have success on the platform


SharpSpring robust marketing platform makes it easy for marketing agencies and medium-sized businesses to put their marketing efforts on overdrive. For large-scale marketing platform, its pricing is one of the lowest in the industries while supplying some of the best tools for its users. In addition to offering its powerful CRM solution, SharpSpring also gives users access to partner applications to that virtually every aspect of the business, from a marketing perspective, is covered.

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Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re an individual or smaller company active campaign is a great option, it’s a low-price entry fee that allows anyone to get a campaign up and running quickly, easily, and affordably. HubSpot can be used by individuals to full-fledged marketing agencies, it starts very affordably but can get expensive the larger the customer grows. SharpSpring seems costly out of the gate but ends up being the most cost-effective solution on the upper end of the scale.

When it comes to features, HubSpot and SharpSpring offer virtually the same features, yet you can see when using the platform that they are targeting different types of companies. ActiveCampaign also has a lot in common with both Hubspot and SharpSpring, just more balance for smaller teams. If pricing is a factor, you can’t go wrong with ActiveCampaign.

Hubspot and ActiveCampaign are incredibly intuitive and easy for virtually anyone to pick up and start using right away. In many cases, searching through the supporting documentation is not needed. SharpSpring, although also easy to use, is best for marketing agencies looking to manage multiple clients.

The Verdict

The three CRM platforms in this article are the cream of the crop of the many we reviewed. ActiveCampaign would be the best for individuals or small organizations, HubSpot can handle the needs of a company of any size. At the same time, SharpSpring was best suited for agencies that have to manage several clients.