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OEM Taconic PCB Satellite Systems Board
Ad Posted:Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Ad Expire:Friday, June 15, 2018
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Creating Successful Connections with High Frequency PCBs
The telecom industry is in continual need of High Frequency printed circuit boards that can provide high speed solutions for a variety of products and systems.
At Xinchenger, we work tirelessly to produce Rogers,Taconic,F4B printed circuit boards that can provide solutions for the continuously changing requirements of the telecom industry.

As most telecom applications are extremely large and spaced out, we recommend double sided Rogers printed circuit boards. Xinchenger can build RF PCBs with more than 24 layers for effective use in an application.

Custom Rogers,Taconic,Isola,F4B PCBs are our forte. We enjoy working with clients who can give us a challenge. Our Rogers and other high frequency PCBs can be created in many shapes and size. We have the capabilities to create RF printed circuit boards with large panel sizes up to 18'' x 24''.

Satellite navigation system, the ''global satellite navigation system.'' It mainly adopts the latest application system of the latest GPS technology in the field of navigation and communication. The global popularity of satellite navigation is just beginning. There are hundreds of types of applications.

It is mainly composed of a GPS receiver and a satellite antenna. The GPS receiver is divided into a geodetic type, a full station type, a timed type, a handheld type, and an integrated type according to the model, and is divided into a vehic......url:

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